Open Portugal 2018 - Morgado Golf Course

Posted by M4events | 14 February 2018 | golf,portugal open,algarve,morgado

From 10th to 13th May 2018 Morgado Golf Course will be the venue of the Open de Portugal, a golf professional event integrating the Challenge Tour schedule. Due to this event, Morgado Golf Course will be closed on 2nd May and from 5th to 13th May.  The golf course would like to highlight the following aspects during the preparation period before the event:
- Starting from 21st April, buggy circulation on Morgado Golf Course will be restricted to buggy path only, without any exception. Any player that does not respect this restriction will be invited to leave the course.
- From April onwards, the normal maintenance operations on the course (spraying operations, grass mowing, verticuts, etc.) will happen more frequently. So, it will be normal to see more workers and vehicles on the course. In many cases, the operations can't be interrupted to give players priority.