Explore the Natural Beauties of Madeira Island!

Right in the middle of the Atlantic, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo are a haven of natural beauty. The exotic colours of the flowers stand out from among the blue sea and the emerald green vegetation; this is an archipelago where two thirds are a protected area and where the largest Laurisilva forest in the world is located.


In addition to its stunning scenery and luxuriant mountains, this archipelago also includes a mild climate all year round, a warm welcome and peace, safety and security among its charms. To really get to know Madeira, climb to the top of a mountain and enjoy fantastic, breathtaking views or follow the trails and paths in the Laurissilva Forest along more than 1,400 km of levadas in a unique encounter with the island’s soul. Feel the energy flowing from the cosmopolitan ambiance of Funchal’s streets and buy some souvenirs, like the famous embroidery, Madeira wine or wickerwork.


Madeira offers a wide range of high-quality accommodations. Options range from refined traditional to more modern hotels; the kind hospitality of rural tourism homes providing close contact with nature; and the rich cultural legacy of Madeira’s traditional villas.


One of Madeira’s greatest tourist attractions is its varied, luxuriant vegetation, with a combination of tropical and Mediterranean characteristics resulting in a mosaic in different shades of green. Madeira is also famous for the harmonious forms and contrasting colours of its countless exotic plants from almost all over the world, which seem so at home here. Thanks to the exceptional climate, you can admire flowers like orchids, birds of paradise, anthuriums, magnolias, azaleas and proteas in their natural environment all year round. Explore the wide variety of lovingly tended gardens and parks that fill the air with unimaginable shades and perfumes.


The region currently has 72 holes in three golf courses, two in Madeira, one with 18 and other with 27 holes, and one in Porto Santo with 27 holes, nine of which are on a pitch and putt circuit. The Madeira Islands’ three golf courses boast excellent golfing conditions and beautiful surroundings. The islands have all the facilities they need to welcome golfers with all handicaps, including high-quality hotels, making the islands a paradise for golf lovers. The archipelago is well known as a golfers’ paradise

Stunning Landscapes

Stunning Landscapes

Europe’s Leading Island Destination 2017

A Destination of Unending Festivities


Prepare to discover a fantastic natural world on one of the unforgettable walks along the hillsides. From 0 to 1.862 metres high the excitement is guaranteed! Cultural and environmental factors have made walking one of Madeira’s most traditional and popular open-air activities. Lots of people come to the Madeira Islands just to walk the different circuits, discovering the pleasure of close contact with nature. Walk along Madeira’s paths and levadas to the interior of the island and see breathtaking virgin scenery. The levadas are a remarkable, ingenious irrigations system. These channels are testimony to our ancestors’ gigantic efforts to bring water from the high mountain springs to the slopes and valleys. There are around 1.400 km of levadas in Madeira ready for you to explore and discover breathtaking landscapes.


Discover an atmosphere of perfect harmony between man and nature in Madeira, where the saying “a healthy mind in a healthy body” makes a lot of sense. Madeira has long been sought out for the therapeutic qualities of its climate in curing stubborn respiratory diseases and still offers its visitors excellent conditions as a health destination.


In the Madeira Islands, you will find typical regional dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. There is also plenty of international cuisine to choose from. Thanks to its close contact with the sea, most restaurants in Madeira offer excellent seafood and fresh fish dishes. Limpets, octopus, shrimp, tuna steaks and scabbardfish fillets are just some of the local delicacies. You must try traditional regional dishes like tuna steak and fried cornbread or the delicious grilled beef on a laurel spit accompanied with sweet potatoes bread “bolo do caco”. There is also a wide selection of drinks. Exotic fruit juices such as passion fruit, papaya, guava. The famous “poncha” made with sugarcane rum, honey and lemon and the famous Madeira wines, which can be served as aperitifs or savoured with a coffee, are also an excellent choice.


Get to know a vast cultural heritage dating back to the time of the discoveries at museums, churches, palaces and mansions and in the Madeiran people’s customs, folklore and art. Funchal is particularly rich in historical heritage sites of interest to tourists, including churches, chapels and forts, many of which are classified as national monuments or listed buildings whose beauty leaves no-one indifferent.


An unforgettable holiday deserves some fine souvenirs. As you roam Funchal’s main streets, you will find a wide variety of shops selling everything from regional goods as souvenirs to Portuguese and international designer articles.


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